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As a Harlequin/Mills and Boon author I love to write powerful, sexy, emotionally charged modern romance stories, full of intense passion and sprinkled with a bit of light-hearted humour.

I very much hope you will love to read them!

Out now!

Kidnapped for Her Secret Son


Kidnapped for her protection…

Seduced for pleasure!

Billionaire Jaco Valentino is furious when Leah McDonald leaves him without explanation. Yet when he discovers Leah’s given birth to his heir, he’s determined to shield them from his adoptive family’s wicked intentions! Jaco kidnaps Leah and his son, whisking them away to his remote Sicilian island for their own safety. Except the sinful flame still burning between him and Leah feels infinitely more dangerous…

The North American edition on Amazon is here and the UK edition here.

Available on the Mills and Boon website here.

Vieri’s Convenient Vows

VCV UK and NA covers

A deal sends them to the altar…
But desire leads them to the bedroom!

Harper has no choice but to honour her runaway sister’s agreement—even though becoming fake fiancée to formidable tycoon Vieri Romano sets her heart racing! Stolen away to his Sicilian castle, Harper is at the mercy of their mutual longing. But when consummating their vows has consequences, she must decide: does she dare trust Vieri with more than her body?

The North American edition on Amazon is here and the UK edition here.

Available on the Mills and Boon website here.

The Greek’s Pleasurable Revenge

GPR duo

The last person Calista expects – or wants – to see at her father’s graveside is arrogant billionaire Lukas Kalanos. Five years earlier, after an affair that took her innocence, Lukas betrayed her family and disappeared, leaving Calista with much more than a broken heart…

Seeking vengeance on the Gianopoulous family for framing him, Lukas finds Calista ripe for his seduction. She will pay for past wrongdoings – between his sheets! But discovering that Calista has had is child is a surprise that changes Lukas’s pleasurable plans for revenge… into a hunger to make her his own!

The North American edition on Amazon is here and the UK edition here.

Available on the Mills and Boon website here.

Bound by His Desert Diamond


 The Plan: Princess Annalina would do anything to end her arranged engagement… including getting photographed in a compromising position with a handsome stranger!

The Prince: Her mystery man is Prince Zahir Zahani – her betrothed’s brother – and the kiss that sparks unexpected need in them both traps Annalina and Zahir in a whole new kind of royal bind…till death them do part!

The Passion!: Having learned the cost of trusting others, Zahir tries to keep Annalina at a distance. But she challenges him at every turn, and suddenly, giving in to his darkest desires is all Zahir craves…

The North American edition on Amazon is here and the UK edition here.

Available on the Mills and Boon website here.

The Shock Cassano Baby

The proposal he never expected to make…

Shock Cassano Baby dual covers

Life as a single man suits Orlando Cassano just fine. He believes in working hard and taking his pleasures whenever he chooses. Until his affair with sassy CEO Isobel Spicer ends in a very unexpected result!

Orlando may not have had a father figure growing up but he will be a parent to his child. Yet getting independent career woman Isobel down the aisle will take more than his legendary skills of seduction. For she demands the one thing he’s never given anyone: that he confront his past if they are to have a future…

The North American edition on Amazon is here and the UK edition here.

The Sheikh’s Wedding Contract

Sheikhs wedding contractSociety Weddings 4 pic

The Sheikh’s Wedding Contract. Book 4 of the Society Weddings series, when the world’s sexiest billionaires say “I do”! Published July 2015.

North American edition here and UK edition here.

The Last Heir of Monterrato

Facebook Compare Covers

My debut novel, The Last Heir of Monterrato, published in January 2015. Find the North America edition on Amazon here and the UK edition here.


  1. Hello I work with my friend Sarah Evans who is connected to you by Steve Brock and siblings Adam and Georgie, my mum is an avid reader of Mills and Boons and has read 100’s over the years, I will recommend your books to her and source them for her. Congratulations on your publishings. Michelle Freeman

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Michelle – thank you so much for getting in touch. V glad to hear your mum loves Mills and Boon! If you would like to email me her address (or yours) I would be very happy to send her a signed copy of my second book, The Sheikh’s Wedding Contract, which is released in July :). Best wishes, Andie x


  3. andie… I love finding new to me authors like you . loved The Last Heir of Monterrato. Do you have a Newsletter I can sign up for? Had a bunch of strokes last yea( over 100) and its easier to keep up for me. I can’t wait to get The Sheikhs Wedding Contract! thanks Diana


  4. Hello Andie, I just read the sheiks wedding contract and I love it. Did you write about the other 3 of te columbia four? I would like to buy those kindle blook also.
    Kind regards


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